Dual Battery Systems

The 4WD Systems Intelligent Isolators have been designed to meet all the needs and requirements of a dual battery electrical system in the modern 4WD vehicle. All models feature voltage and load sensing circuitry for switching plus inbuilt surge protection to prevent damage to other electronic equipment in the vehicle. The Heavy Duty model has an additional electronic circuit controller which has auxiliary load sensing to protect the alternator from overloading plus Jump Start capability from the dashboard. All models are simple to install and are water resistant.

An Isolator is required to enable the charging of a second 'auxiliary battery' but at the same time isolate it from the main battery system in order to protect the main battery from discharging into the same electrical circuit - usually the auxiliary battery is connected to a fridge, winch or caravan electrical system.

The 4WD Systems Intelligent Isolator, due to its electronic voltage and load sensing design, overcomes the deficiencies that allow other isolators to discharge the main battery.

The Isolator uses superior voltage sensing to determine charging rates. It cannot be 'tricked' into discharging a main battery into an auxiliary battery (or visa versa) in the event of a faulty alternator, faulty charging system, poor connection or just by leaving the ignition key switched on. These situations will usually result in a standard isolator assuming that it can charge both batteries but in reality will allow both batteries to discharge into each other or the vehicle's electrical system.

The Intelligent Isolator gives charging priority to the main battery at all times and only allows the charging of the auxiliary battery after the main battery is sufficiently recharged.

By using the optional sensor terminal and the circuitry already built into the Intelligent Isolator you can protect alternators fitted to all late model vehicles from overload and subsequent rectifier damage when operating with winches or other situations involving heavy duty current drain.

One of the by products of any isolator system is voltage spikes, caused by the switching of high currents. The Intelligent Isolator has an inbuilt surge protection device to protect your vehicle, its computer or any other radio or electronic equipment from these spikes. Many isolators do not have this inbuilt protection.

Wiring up the Intelligent Isolator is easy with only three simple connections necessary, plus the options for Jump Start and Alternator Protection if required.

All Intelligent Isolator models are impermeably encapsulated hence are water, dust and battery acid resistant, thus ensuring a long life and the best possible option in reliability and durability.

The HD Intelligent Isolator has Jump Starting capability due to the heavy duty current capability of the Isolator and some additional circuitry allowing a temporary bypass of the Isolation circuit.

Dual Battery Monitor

The dual battery 'gauge' is not a gauge. It is a full LCD display that is made to look like a gauge. ie 2" round.

It displays voltage for 2 batteries. It has programmable audible warnings for low and high voltages, and the background colour is also programmable to flash or change with voltage fluctuations.

List of main features

  • Electronic circuit design to give intelligent operation
  • Voltage and load sensing design
  • Timing circuitry to prevent charging oscillation
  • Voltage spike and surge protection inbuilt
  • Impermeable encapsulation for dust and water resistance
  • Simple three terminal connection and mounting design
Technical Specifications - All Models
Surge Voltage 20 volts
Anti-spike limit 22 volts
Minimum operation voltage 8 volts
Timing Circuit delay 3 second switch-off
Switching Voltage connect 13.1 volts
Switching Voltage disconnect 12.2 volts
Technical Specifications - Standard Model
Maximum Amperage 180 amps
Continuous Amperage 100 amps
In-cabin LED connection display  
Technical Specifications - Heavy Duty Model
Maximum Amperage 450 amps
Continuous Amperage 150 amps
Jump Start Capability  
Alternator overload protection from auxiliary loads  
The complete Dual Battery Kit manufactured by 4WD Systems
Dual Battery Cradle Steel construction, powder coated inc fitting kit, clamp etc.
Wiring Kit Heavy duty power cables, terminals, fasteners
Installation General wiring, Jump start switch & fridge plugs

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Dual Battery Systems
Dual Battery Cradle fitted to Prado TDi 03-on

Dual Battery Systems
Dual Battery Cradle fitted to Hilux 165Series TD. Note overflow bottle bracket included

Dual Battery Systems
Dual Battery Cradle fitted to Triton MN with Snorkel. Note holds overflow bottle and Reverse Roles

Dual Battery Systems
Dual Battery Cradle fitted to Pajero NM, NP, NS, NT

Dual Battery Systems
Dual Battery Cradle fitted to Hilux KUN26

Dual Battery Systems
Dual Battery Cradle suit Mazda BT50, Ford Ranger 3.0TDi

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