Fridge Slides

4WD Systems manufacture Fridge Slides to suit a range of popular portable fridges.They are a HD powder coated steel construction, but retain very smooth operation.

There are 2 Styles;
The Deluxe has full tray and 'lock-in' and 'lock-out' positions.
The Budget/Standard has an outer frame and a 'lock-in' position only, more suited to a flat mounting location ie draw top.

Under 60Li, they are rated to 70kg fully extended,
60Li and over they are rated to 150kg fully extended.

Both come with tie down straps.
3 year warranty, unlimited kms.

Solid steel construction
Powder Coated
Lock in - Lock out mechanism on roller slides
Standard Model rated to 70kg. Heavy Duty rated to 150kg
Standard Model Shipping Mass 14kg. Heavy Duty shipping mass 19kg
Individual Models to suit 40 different fridges
Multipurpose usage; tool box slide
Come with tie-down straps
3 Year Warranty

Type Make/Model/Size
Fridge Slide Deluxe Engel 29/39/40Li (not stainless)
Fridge Slide Deluxe Waeco CF50
Fridge Slide Deluxe Waeco CF60

Fridge Slide Deluxe
AutoFridge 40Li (710-380)
& Engel 45Li Export model
Fridge Slide BushBoy 54Li
Fridge Slide Deluxe Engel 60Li
Fridge Slide Deluxe Engel 80Li
Fridge Slide Deluxe Explorer DC
Fridge Slide Deluxe Waeco CF80/110
Fridge Slide Deluxe AutoFridge 73Li
Fridge Slide Deluxe EvaKool ED70
Fridge Slide Deluxe Trailblazer 60, 70, 80, 100Li
Fridge Slide EvaKool 65Li
Fridge Slide EvaKool RF47
Fridge Slide EvaKool RF60
Fridge Slide EvaKool SK60 Super Cool

Fridge Slides
Fridge Slide - Budget Model

Fridge Slides
Fridge Slide - Budget Model

Fridge Slides
Fridge Slide - Budget Model

Fridge Slides
Fridge Slide Deluxe - available to suit a wide range of Fridges

Fridge Slides
Fridge Slide fitted to Draw System