Recovery Gear & Kits

Designed from the ground up for the 4WD Driver in need of a rugged, neat and compact receptacle for all those dirty odd shaped, but essential pieces of recovery equipment.

The Recovery Kit-Bag has been manufactured from a waterproof, heavy duty, ripstop Nylon material which can be washed out after a muddy weekend and can hold sodden straps without them creating a mess in your 4WD. It has convenient carry handles that double as shoulder straps for easy cartage and has a fully heavy duty zippered outer lining that once zipped holds everything safely inside but can be fully opened up and spread out on the ground allowing easy access to all items.

The Kit-Bag has fully stitched box section pockets with velcro flaps, this style of pocket is far superior to flat pockets and ensures that the pockets can hold quite sizeable items if required and be secured. Individual compartments means no rattling of metallic items and they can't fall out of the bag. The 5 pockets, 2 large and 1 main compartments have been custom sized to suit the standard essential items such as shackles, straps, snatch blocks, puncture kit, shovel, winch control etc etc.

The Kits are available in three models to suit the levels of various users.


The basic essentials
Essentials plus
Outback Explorer
Designed to accompany either hand or power winch
1 heavy duty bag
1 9m 'Snatchem' strap
1 Pr leather gloves
1 Bifold shovel
1 Shackle - 3.2t
1 Dial tyre gauge
1 heavy duty bag
1 12m 'Snatchem' strap
1 Pr leather gloves
1 Bifold shovel
2 Shackles - 3.2, 4.7t
1 Dial tyre gauge
1 10m Winch ext'n strap
1 heavy duty bag
1 15m 'Snatchem' strap
1 Pr leather gloves
1 Bifold shovel
3 Shackles - 3.2, 2 x 4.7t
1 Dial tyre gauge
1 20m Winch ext'n strap
1 Tree trunk protector
1 Snatch block - 8t

The unique design means the bag takes up the smallest possible dimensions, it is very compact and expands in thickness depending on it's contents, this means that the bag can be stored under the drivers seat in certain vehicles, even with a 15m Snatchem, 20m Winch Extension Strap, Tree Trunk Protector, Snatch block, Shackles, Gloves, Shovel and Puncture kit.

All the heavy metallic items are pocketed in the middle of the bag, separated from the outer by two compartments which protect both the bag and your 4WD from chaffing. Even with the full kit there is still a pocket to put in a winch controller, and space for air hoses and other items such as a compressor. There is no wastage of vehicle space - even if the bag is almost empty.

By making the Kit into a flexible bag, it can be stowed into existing odd shaped spaces in your 4WD without damaging interior linings - in contrast to sharp cornered recovery boxes.

Size - Flexible - 400mm x 400mm x Contents Thickness (approx. 80-180mm)

Snatch Straps

Snatch Straps are one of the most important pieces of recovery gear you can carry. They allow one vehicle to retrieve or 'snatch' another out of trapped situations, eg. in mud and sand.

Constructed of H.E. Nylon 8 ton breaking strain
50 mm wide Resistant to rot and mildew
Available in 9m, 12m & 15m lengths Reinforced eyes
Max. stretch & recovery ability Recovery bags and kits available

Winch Extension Straps

Available in 10, 20 and 30 metre lengths Manufactured to Australian Standard AS 1353
High tenacity continuous-multifilament polyester yarn Tested to British Standard BS 5759
Single ply with reinforced folded eyes Breaking strength 4000kg MAX

Tree Trunk Protector

Tree Trunk Protectors are designed to protect trees from the cutting actions of winch cables. The strap wraps around the trunk and is secured with a bow shackle. To improve the mechanical advantage, a winch pulley can be used.

Length 3 metres Manufactured to Australian Standard AS 1353
High tenacity continuous-multifilament polyester yarn Tested to British Standard BS 5759
Single ply with reinforced folded eyes Breaking strength 8000kg MAX

Handy hints when using your strap

Line up the rescue vehicle as directly as possible in front of the trapped vehicle

Fully uncoil the strap and attach one end to the trapped vehicle's tow hook. Attach the other end to the rescue vehicle's tow hook. Be sure the strap is not going to interfere with any of the vehicle's working parts when tension is applied. Avoid sharp objects that may cut the strap. Never use a strap that is badly damaged - they do wear out and it is not worth the risk of sebsequent damage or injury.

Never tie knots in the strap.

When the area between the two vehicles is safely cleared, take up the slack with the rescue vehicle. Back up approximately 2m and take a running start. The amount of slack required will vary according to the amount of traction available. If the first attempt isd unsuccessful, try again using a rocking motion with the rescue vehicle.

If, after several attempts the vehicle remains trapped, consider pulling from the opposite direction if possible. If the vehicle is severly trapped, a winch may be necessary.

When finished, ensure the strap is dry before rolling it up and storing. The strap can be cleaned using mild soap.

Doubles as an excellent towing strap - but avoid dragging.

Hand Winch

The 4WD Systems hand winch is an extremely versatile winch in that it can be used at any angle, forward and reverse and is not restricted in rope length. The design enables wire rope to be fed through 2 sets or wear resistant interlocking jaws by a single operating lever.

The locking force on the rope increases as the load on the winch increases. Should the winch be overloaded the safety pins will shear and secure the load while avoiding damage to the winch. A spare set of shear pins are located in the carry handle of the winch.


  • Light weight corrosion free Aluminium body
  • Wear resistant Alloy Steel jaws
  • Simple to operate
  • Net mass 12kg
  • Shear pins to prevent overloading
  • Spare shear pins in handle
  • Rated winch 2500kg/ hoist 1600kg
  • Rated Travel 55mm per full stroke
  • 20 metre wire rope with hook & reeler
  • Rope reeler allows convenient storage of wire rope when not in use
  • Dimensions 545mm long x 286mm high (no handle) x 97mm wide

Recovery Gear & Kits
2000lb 12V winch