The 4WD Systems snorkel offers you maximum protection from dust & water. Designed to allow maximum airflow to your engine the designer styled snorkel looks great is super tough and available for most makes and models.

Snorkel Graphic
Models Landcruiser, Hilux, 4-Runner, Patrol, Pathfinder, Maverick, Pajero, Suzuki, Discovery, Defender, Triton, Rodeo, Cherokee and many more
Material Made from unbreakable Polyethylene plastic which is UV resistant, light weight and stone chip resistant
Air intake Large 75-90mm bore design for better air flow and increased engine performance High intake for protection from excessive road dust and water crossings. A dry intake prevents engine damage in deep water, the one piece snorkel section means no leaky joins
Design The compact design means you don't lose valuable space under the bonnet. Uses existing air box assembly and elements without extra costs or problems Every snorkel is individually designed to fit the contours of each vehicle
Mounting Finish Multiple hidden attachment points ensure strength and no vibration Orange peel finish designed not to show scratches
Performance increase The increased airflow resulting from the ram effect and unrestrained passage together with the cooler air captured outside of the engine bay means better combustion engine resulting in improved performance and fuel economy
Engine life Cool air means reduced combustion temperatures and longer engine life
Associated products The addition of a Pre-Filter (Beanie) & Uni-Filter completes the induction protection system
Fitting Comes with DIY Fitting Guide with template. 12 month Warranty

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Snorkel Fitted to Triton L200 pre-1997

Snorkel suit Hilux

Snorkel fitted to Pathfinder R50

Snorkel fitted to 120Series Prado

Snorkel fitted to Grand Cherokee WJ TDi

Snorkel fitted to Kia Sorento

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Giles G of VIC
Nissan Terano V6

Just a quick thank you for the "fitment" of the snorkel on my grey 1990 Terrano. Performed a treat. 11 creek crossings, 1650 km of Bulldust in 48 degree heat and three washes of the prefilter sock, The main filter is still servicable after 15,000k. Next a long range fuel tank.
Your grateful Windmill Mechanic,

Greg C
Nissan Pathfinder r50

My new snorkel for the Nissan Pathfinder R50 arrived today. Thank you so much. I am looking forward to installing it over the Easter weekend. I opened the package and it looks really good and obviously very professionally produced.