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Original leafs are well known to have a limited life and perform poorly with a harsh ride during that life. Often sag in the rear with less than legal load capacity.

4WD Systems leafs are manufactured from SUP9 high grade spring steel, have drawn & tapered leaf ends to reduce friction - greater heat dispersal to reduce wear, have 'military wrap' for extra support of the spring eyes, precision manufactured, heat treated in an electronically controlled furnace, Shot Peened, Scragg & Load tested - all processes aimed to eliminate long term sag and maintain performance.

4WD systems Leafs have increased height for ground clearance and increased bump stop distance - hence more time to absorb a bump, Improved ride over standard leafs.

Accurately calculate the extra weight of accessories fitted and load when considering what leafs your vehicle needs.

Ride Comfort - Medium Load
Heavy Duty - Constant Load or Occasional Heavy Loads
XHD - for Excessive loads
Consider Air Bags in conjunction with HD leafs for Excessive Loads

Remember, HD springs with load will flex & ride like medium springs do with a lesser load, and grease able shackles and pins will add extra flexibility - help to compensate a tight ride with inherent in HD leafs with minimal load when empty.