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Mick P of VIC
Toyota LCR 80 Series
got rear Lokka fitted... works a treat.. just got to get the front one done now.. i will let you know how it goes ….... LATER: hi.. both diff locks fitted... work a treat.. cheers

Tony E of TAS
Nissan Navara D22
I have the 137 litre tank and very happy with it. Did have to remove muffler and replace with a resonator ( 3 inch system) but happier with it like that. The tank served me well as it made up the cape and back with no hassles ( ie cracks or clearance) …...... The guys from 4wd systems are extremely helpful and bent over backwards to get me the tank in time. Also have the Lokka from them and I can't stop raving about it. You won't be disappointed.

Tom M of Casurania NT

I had decided to buy a Long Range fuel tank but had heard stories of large capacity tanks cracking and other people who had electrical problems with smaller auxillary tanks, so to be honest I was a bit confused and 100% sure which way to go - 160Li tank or 70Li auxillary. I need not have worried.

All this was over years ago and the tank has been terrific and trouble free despite being pounded along some bloody awful roads with awesome corrugations and tracks needing very careful low range work to negotiate water crossings, large rocks and just about everything else you would expect to encounter in the outback.

These 'roads' include the Meerenie Loop Road, Ernest Giles Road, Gibb river Road, Bungle Bungles access road, many dirt roads in Kakadu National Park, the Top End and central Australia. In short it is tough tank!!!

The tank has been and continues to be and essential item fitted to the TD Patrol as it provides the means to undertake many shorter trips without having to re-fuel.
I had considered carrying extra fuel in a 20Li jerry cans but decided on safety grounds against this.

I have found the 4WD Systems tank very practical and extremely handy as I can sometimes take advantage of filling up in some larger towns on trips wheer fuel is much cheaper or making back to Darwin before re-fueling.

Brent W
Toyota Landcruiser

I have now done about 350,000kms of trouble free motoring on my Lokka diff in the rear of my Toyota Landcruiser. After breaking the spider gears for the second time in the diff, I decided on recommendation to fit a Lokka diff lock to my vehicle, and what a great decision that was.

That was the last time I removed the diff centre for repairs and is performing as good as the day it was fitted.

Not only has the Lokka 'bullet proofed' the diff, it has markedly improved the performance of the vehicle off road. I have found I don't need to engage 4WD as often as before fitting the Lokka and have managed to get out quite a few situations I wouldn't have if I didn't have the Lokka.

I would just like to reiterate, the Lokka has done 350,000km of sometimes quite hard driving and is still performing perfectly.

I have no hesitation in recommending the Lokka diff lock to anyone wanting to enhance the performance of their vehicle.

Matt C
Toyota LCR HZJ80 1998

I bought lokkas from u guys and love them.

Looking at adding more power to the 1 hz and really leaning towards the intercooled turbo you sell as my lokka experience has been fantastic so I want more of that!

Shaun D of TAS
My son has one of your lockers in his VP Commodore, I suggested your product to him after researching for a locker to suit my Ford 9 inch diff. Your locker works just as well as the detroit locker I put in my 9 inch and is not as harsh in some unlocking situations. We are very happy with your product.

Sean B of SA
Toyota LCR

The Landcruiser (VTM 730) had its first real stretch of its legs over the weekend to the Flinders and back and it works a treat. The turbo is a dream and makes it plausible to actually over take slower cars, instead of sitting behind them cause the diesel takes so long to wind up. Very happy.

Don C of WA
Toyota LCR 80 Series

Hello Tom, well Ive fitted the new springs shocks and the three degree bushes, I also fitted new panhard rod bushes, the transformation is unbeleavable drives like it should on the bitchey and the two lift made all the diference in the bush.

Thanks for your help in fixing the 80 series

George H
Toyota HLX LN167 2003

It does everything it said it would, locks up both front wheels in any condition and yet when doing the lock unlock test my girlfriend can unlock it with ease one handed. you can only notice that its there when your in 4WD, there is no difference to steering with the hubs in and the little lever in 2wd not a bit. The difference that I can see between a lokka and an air locker (besides being over $500 cheaper)

Is the air locker you flick a switch, lokka you move a lever. Seems like a good deal to me. Fitment is as quick and easy as said, i am very picky so I took a bit longer and I fitted new bearings but I can see it being done in halfa once the diff is out of the car.

I could not hear mine unlocking so if you cant don't worry its just working fine.

Adrian S of SA
Toyota LCR HZJ105
It would have been more work to get out of this bogging without the Lokka’s. We were in Mt Gambier Forrest. You can clearly see all 4 wheels spinning. This was out 2nd bogging and it was kind of deliberate. Used high lift jack to assist. The Lokka’s and the new suspension are great. Also note the Nissan recovery truck. Now for those ST tyres !